Are you working in Finland?

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The Finnish Industrial Union – the biggest industrial trade union in Finland

Without Finnish trade unions, employees would have none of the rights which are taken for granted today:

  • Eight-hour working days / 40-hour working weeks
  • Overtime pay
  • Paid annual holiday
  • Sick leave pay
  • Maternity and parental leave
  • Pension
  • Earnings-related unemployment security

The Finnish Industrial Union wants to support your working in Finland and offers this webinar to you.

It’s OK to join the union in Finland

In Finland, the majority of employees are trade union members. Also, the majority of employers are members of employer associations.

Trade unions are not authorities. Trade unions operate confidentially in compliance with the consent and best interest of their members.



Mira Kivistö (M.Sc.Econ., International Marketing) has been working a lot with foreigners/immigrants living and working in Finland. She has written her master thesis about cultural differences in business life. Mira has also lived and worked herself in different countries so she knows how to cope with the situation.

Martti Paavilainen is a Trade Union Officer (Bargaining Specialist) working for the Finnish Industrial Union. Martti is a specialist on terms and conditions of working life. He is used to work with foreign members of the union and has experience on multinational cooperation.

Watch webinar recording

Webinar ’Working in Finland’

In this webinar we talk about the Finnish working life and habits. What kind of cultural differences you might encounter at work and how can you collaborate better with the Finns? What should you know about the Finnish working life?

This webinar is good for you if:

– you are working in Finland

– you are wondering the Finnish habits and behaviour at work

– you want to learn more about the Finnish work culture

– you want to get acquainted with Finnish trade unions

– you are interested in terms and conditions of Finnish working life

The webinar will be held in English but you can ask questions (chat) in Finnish.

Open Jobs

Duunitori maintains a site Työtori (Job Market) which offers suitable jobs for members of The Finnish Industrial Union. Check the open jobs.


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